Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bruises, Fainting....

I admit. I have a problem. But for you to understand my problem, I have to fill you in on some background. You see, my old roommate Heather bruises VERY easily. She would have a black bruise the size of a tomato on her leg and have no idea where it came from. Now, here is where my "problem" comes in. Whenever Heather would show me one of her mystery bruises I would laugh--now mind you not a small chuckle, smile laugh...but a full on, hysterical, rolling-on-the- floor kind of laugh. And I don't know why. If anyone else showed me bruises like that, I would say "ouch" and feel sorry for them. But not with Heather, her bruises have a strange affect on me--they make me laugh !

Well, this past weekend I went snowboarding with some of the high school kids from church. Let's just say my knee is now one big bruise. I don't know whether the bruise is from when I fainted in line while waiting for lunch....yes it's true. I just bit it right then and there and fell to the ground. It was probably a mixture of the altitude, lack of water, and lack of food. But regardless, I now have a bruise that even Heather would be proud of! And don't worry, I've given her full permission to laugh heartily at me, even all the way from Albania where she is living right now.

FYI- Heather is recently engaged to Sean Feeley....a GREAT guy. Sean proposed as they were decorating the Christmas tree in his apartment. Have gave her an ornament that said, "Heather Swartz, will you marry me?" Their engagement was actually just less than two weeks after Sandi got engaged. (Sandi is the subject of my last blog.) I will be the maid of honor in Sandi's wedding and a bridesmaid in Heather's wedding.

If you want me to, let me know, I will post more about my fainting episode while snowboarding at Mountain High.