Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Dear friends, please join in praying for my aunt, Laurene. She is extremely sick with cancer. The cancer has spread all over her body and she is so weak she can hardly move. They don't expect her to live more than a few days. My aunt knows the Lord, but she is leaving behind two children, Justin (15 years old) and Liz (13 years old). They profess Christ, but they are still young, so it's hard to know. Also, my uncle Paul professes Christ, but shows no fruit and he is extremely angry at God right now for his wife's illness. My mom is back in Plymouth, Massachusetts right now to be with her family and to help her sister as much as possible in these final days. Please pray that God would grant my aunt a faithful testimony until the last moment and that any unsaved family might come to know the Lord through this. Also pray for my young cousins, that God would grant them a supernatural strength to endure this trial and pray that my mom will herself remain healthy and that she will show the love of Christ to her family. Thank you for bearing this burden with me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So Close, Yet So Far Away

This is old news, but today is the first day I could bring myself to discuss such a painful subject. Since the moment it happened, I've been ignoring, avoiding, and suppressing my feelings. Sunday was a hard day--a day I wish I could make disappear with the tilt of my head and the blink of my eye. If I could choose one day to erase, to vanish like a soft word into a gentle wind, Sunday would be it.

There is no point in avoiding it any longer. I have to say it! The Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants 17-21. It's painful even to verbalize it. But there, I did it. The Cowboys are by far the better team, but a combination of bad decisions, bad plays, bad refs, and a bad day for our quarterback, the Cowboys couldn't pull out the win they needed.

This means that the Giants will play the Packers and whoever wins that game will most likely play the Patriots in the Superbowl. Unless by some crazy turn of events the Patriots lose this weekend to the Chargers, which is VERY unlikely.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Vacation from Vacation

It seems life can change overnight. You blink and everything is different. The last few weeks have been a clear evidence and reminder to me that God is completely in control of everything. There is no part of my life that God is not actively a part of. God orchestrates and plans everything to the smallest detail. And I'm learning to trust Him more and more. Not just say I trust because it's the right thing to say, but to REALLY, truly trust Him. His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts. He directs my steps even though I make plans. And a good friend reminded me that when we trust and wait on Him, He will do abundantly more than we could ever ask or think. I see God at work. He is active and alive.