Sunday, July 10, 2011


Naps are strange things...

I don't normally take naps, not because I don't like them, but because they never seem to work for me. Either I can't fall asleep, or I get woken up. But not I had a great nap. I fell asleep while watching a movie, I won't name the movie, because I don't want to give it a bad rep. for making me fall asleep. Yes, I blame the movie. "Blame" being a good thing in this case. I suppose I should say I give "credit" to the movie for helping me fall asleep. :)

Well, you know that feeling you get after you take a nap? That hazy, dreamy feeling? I got that today big time! After a 3 hour nap, yes I did say 3 hours, I was woken up by my aunt calling me and telling me their house alarm went off and asking if I could go and check on the house. I'm thankful the house was just fine!

But I just had to share about the best nap I've had in a long time. And a reminder of that hazy, dreamy, feeling that I haven't felt in so long!