Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reality(?) TV

Yes, Janea. Welcome to the 21st century (you are about 6 years too late).
Well, last night I was watching television and it seemed that show, after show, after show, I was watching "reality tv" and the scary thing was, I was getting sucked into it. I watched a show called "Wife Swap." On this show, two women trade places for 2 weeks. The second week, they are allowed to make their own rules for their new families. The idea behind the show is that both families learn something valuable from their new "mom" because inevitably they choose families that are 100% polar opposites from each other. Well, in the show last night one of the families was a "Christian" family. You can't know for sure, only God can know their hearts, but from most of the things they were saying, it seemed like they truly might have been saved. Well, an interesting thing was brought up on the show. The lady who went to live with the Christian family for two weeks thought the children were like robots. She thought they couldn't make up their minds. And when she asked the kids if they were happy, they both said they were "content" in their lives. They said they weren't necessarily happy, but they were content. The "mom" told them that they should be happy. This got me thinking...what would it look like to strive for happiness? Is it a self promoting and elevating of your own dreams and goals until you get what you want? That doesn't sound very happy to me! No, my goal should constantly be to be content no matter where the Lord has placed me. If I have all I could ever want...I am content. If I have nothing...I am content. That is where the Lord wants us to be. And I think that young 16 year old kid has much more wisdom than "mom." Hopefully he was able to teach her a thing or two about how to live.

The next show I saw was The Apprentice. It was VERY sad to watch people who only care about one thing--money! It didn't matter who they stabbed in the back or what they did to win, it just mattered who brought in the money in the end. One person on the show said...I like to be in control. I am in control of my own life and that's the way I like it. My life is good and I like it because I am in control of everything around me. YIKES! Obviously she is not aware that a SOVEREIGN God sits up on His throne and laughs at her futile attempts at satisfaction. I just pray for the souls of these people and I have compassion for them because my eyes were once darkened just like theirs.

What is my reality? It's not what I am seeing on TV, that's for sure.