Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Strange Feeling

I woke up this morning and went outside for my normal morning run. And the first thing I noticed was my looked like I had run over something and splattered it all over my tires. When I went in for a closer look, I saw that it was paint! Someone had spray painted with graffiti paint the tires all along the bottom side of my car!

It's a strange feeling. People say you feel violated when you are robbed or mugged. And I kind of feel like that. My car was parked in my driveway! Someone did that to my car in my own driveway!

It's a strange, sick feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. I can't explain it. It's not fear. Just disgust and even sadness. Kind of like a slap in the face to remind me of the sad realities of the world we live in.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Today at work we had a "retreat" where we could get away and analyze our team, how we work together, our strengths and weaknesses. It was very encouraging. We started the first chapter of Humility by CJ Mahaney. It was very timely. Over the past few weeks the Lord has been revealing to me the pride that is in my heart. It's always been there, but it's been spilling out in puddles lately when different circumstances have shaken it up! God was already working in my heart even before we had this meeting and then up pops this discussion about humility. I don't believe in chance. I know it's God who ordained this in His grace to call me to repentance.

On top of being spiritually nourishing, the day was just plain old FUN! We were in a box at the Home Depot Sports center in LA. And we did a little planning for the Galaxy game event we are promoting. We had lunch at Five Guys...yummy burgers and fries. I realized how unique and fun LA can be. I forget there is so much to see and do because I don't go into LA that often. I've lived here my entire life and haven't seen a lot of the typical LA touristy things! Ha! Go figure.