Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Life

No excuse is a good excuse. It has simply been inexcusably too long since I have written. But I will attempt to change that.

The most typical question I've been getting is, how is married life? And I don't mean to sound cliche or cheesy, but it's better than I ever imagined. When you marry the person God has intended for you, and seek to walk in obedience together--there is nothing better.

Sure it's not all flowers and smelly-good-stuff. Fighting sin is hard and put two sinner together, it's double hard. But there is also double blessing and I can't even express how great it is. Life is different than it was. So many changes, but that's the way it should be. I miss my time being my own to give to friends and family, but even more than I miss it, I love having a new family to give to and to serve.

 Josh has been nothing but kind, loving, forgiving, patient, and genuine in the way he treats me and I respect him more than anyone in the world. So when I say I love married life, it's true. I can't imagine a better man to come home to every day. And that's life right now.

Thankful and blessed,
Mrs. Beakley