Friday, September 25, 2009

30 Things I'm Gonna Do Before I'm 30

1. Finish writing my book
2. See Hearst Castle
3. Finish reading the Harry Potter series
4. See my nephew in person
5. Write a song
6. Finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia series
7. Eat at a restaurant alone
8. Go fishing with my dad
9. Pay for a stranger's Starbucks
10. Go for a 10 mile run
11. Eat something exotic (sushi?)
12. Wear a toe ring for a day
13. Watch a bull-riding contest
14. Wear a hat to church on Easter
15. Get a massage
16. Paint my dad's bedroom
17. Watch a monster truck show
18. Get a pet of some sort
19. Visit Francis Chan's church
20. Ride a horse
21. Write a note to my long lost uncle
22. Work on changing something about myself that I don't like
23. Laugh so hard I cry
24. Sit in the back of my car and look at the stars
25. Hold baby Luciano
26. See my friend Hollie
27. Serve at a shelter for Thanksgiving
28. Plant some flowers
29. Fix the curtains in the living room
30. Paint a picture

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sounds Like Life to Me...

Sorry for quoting a country song again, but it seems fitting to me today. It's a song about everything going wrong in someones life--he lost his job and just found out his wife is having another baby, and things are breaking around the house, among other things. And his friend gives him advice and says, not to be insensitive, but that sounds like life to me. And it's true.

I'm stinks sometimes, but that doesn't change God's character. Even when I can't understand the way God works and why He does what He does, I still know He is trustworthy. And I know He loves me. It's back to the basics--Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

I occasionally get discouraged by my sin that I try so hard to fight. It can bring me down and make me feel worthless and unlovable. But that reminds me...I am unlovable. That's what makes God's love for me so amazing! He saved a wretch like me. But even more, He has called me into His marvelous light and made me a coheir with His son. And He uses me to further His kingdom. It makes me want to shout, hallelujah, thank You Jesus, Lord You're worthy!

I am a broken and bruised reed, but that's a good place to be, because that's when He can use me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Jury is Out

Jury duty.
I don't dread it. But many do. I don't give excuses to avoid it, though many try. And I am not bitter and resentful during the process. But many around me are.

Perhaps that is why I got selected to be on a jury this past week after getting my summons to serve. But honestly, I found the entire experience to be enjoyable and educational. Forgive me, I sound like a ridiculous commercial for the positives of jury duty. But really, I did have a good week at the Van Nuys Superior Court.

Here are 10 things I learned this week while serving jury duty:
1. Always leave your house a few minutes early.

2. Never eat Quiznos for lunch two days in a row.

3. Don't talk to strangers who approach you and say, "hey there, little one."

4. You can carry a water bottle through security, no need to put it through the x-ray machine.

5. Never keep 13 people waiting for you.

6. Never use a DA, hire your own defense if needed.

7. Don't run from the police.

8. Use every opportunity to evangelize.

9. It's hard not to feel sorry for the guilty party, even though you know they are guilty.

10. People are crazy!